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Terms & Conditions:    

- 10% discount applies on selected items at Cuppa Coffee Taipa & Macau and excludes any other offers that Cuppa Coffee may be offering

- Discount only for Warrior Fitness Macau active members with members required to show their 'membership' screen on the TeamUp app to prove they are members of Warrior Fitness Macau

- Walk-in / casual rate purchases with Warrior Fitness Macau are excluded from this offer with Cuppa Coffee

- Cuppa Coffee reserves the right to exclude any items from the 10% discount without notice

- Cuppa Coffee reserves the right to withdraw the 10% discount offer at any time without notice

- Warrior Fitness Macau takes no responsibility or accepts any liability if Cuppa Coffee choose not to honour the offer

- Terms & Conditions may change without notice.  Please refer to this site for any updates

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